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Customized Lashes & Brows

Flower Arrangement 4
Flower Arrangement 4


May not be right for someone else. Our eye shape, bone structure, brow shape, and natural lashes are all unique to each of us. There is no one-size-fits all eyelash treatment or design that will fit on everyone. At Silhouette Beauty we have packed our years of experience behind our consultation and application process.



When you visit us for the first time, don’t expect to pick a set of lashes off a photograph or pick a look based on the price. Our consultation and fitting has one goal, give you the absolute best eyelash design and look curated uniquely to you. We don’t want anything to get in the way of you walking out with the perfect-for-you eyelashes, so our Lash consultation appointments are simply a flat $145 for as much as two hours of our expertise and artistry.


We also specialize in brows.  Waxing, Henna Brows, and Microblading.


We are also bringing back our Skincare treatments!   

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