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How to Choose A Lash Artist

Eyelash extensions

Odds are you have probably heard of them. And, odds are that you have heard both good and bad about different women’s experiences with them. As with any procedure of medical or cosmetic nature, there are risks naturally involved. You are primarily responsible for who is working on your body. Being informed about the process and what to look for in a Lash Artist helps insure the best results because these risks can (and should!) easily be avoided when the lash artist is trained, professional, and knowledgeable. With so many salons and lash artists to choose from, knowing where to go and what to look for can be daunting. While a knowledgeable lash artist is a better lash artist, a knowledgeable client can make for a better experience.

5 things you should look for in a lash artist:

1) The lash artist has successfully completed esthetics or cosmetology school AND is certified by a reputable lash education program. The laws on performing eyelash extension procedures vary by state, but education and certification are required by many. You wouldn’t get a root canal from a dental hygienist. You wouldn’t allow your friend who has a knack for makeup perform your facelift. It should be the same for any esthetic procedure. Additionally, an educated and certified Lash Artist typically has to access to better quality lash supplies because reputable vendors require proof of licensing and certification.

2) They have you read through and sign consent forms before you lay back in the chair. Signing papers might not what you expect from a first visit, but a lash artist who is professional and thorough will want to make sure you are fully informed and understand any potential risks. As with any procedure there are possible risks, though rare. For example, a very small percentage of people are allergic to lash adhesive. A professional lash artist will want you to know about that risk, what to do if it occurs and the support you can expect from them. Also, you will likely be asked to sign a consent to have pictures taken of your lashes before and after the procedure.

3) The lash artist posts various photos of their work often and regularly. Continued before and after pictures of their work not only allows you to review their work and technique, but also shows that they have frequent and regular customers, aka: they have a lot of practice (and practice makes perfect). Their photos are consistent in style and quality, and are not stock photos of another's’ work. The lashes are even, untangled - never clumpy, and complimentary to the eye.

4) The salon space is clean, professional, and organized. Reusable tools are sterilized between clients. The working area is tidy and sterile. The linens are clean and removed and replaced between clients. The lash artist has good hygiene and clean hands. The atmosphere is inviting and relaxing. It is important that you feel safe and relaxed as eyelash application can take between one and three hours, depending on the amount of eyelashes to fill.

5) The lash artist takes the time to personalize your service and your lashes. They offer a variety of eyelashes of different lengths, sizes, curl, etc. and personalize their work to your eye and eyelashes. They also educate you on the options your lashes can support. Applying lash extensions that are too thick or too heavy can cause damage to your natural eyelashes. A knowledgeable lash artist understands this and will even refuse to provide the service if what is being requested would result in damage to your natural lashes.

At Silhouette Beauty we have seen and treated clients who have experienced complications at other lash studio’s due these guidelines being ignored. Every Lash Artist at Silhouette Beauty is a certified esthetician who has demonstrated utmost ability in eyelash extension application and lash care.and is highly skilled in lash rehabilitation (returning the natural lash to a healthy state). Our long-term clients have been with us for 5 years and still have all of their natural lashes, as healthy as ever. If you have personally experienced poor results or heard horror stories of broken lashes, allergic reactions, infections, or pain, please know that there are remedies and better practices to treat and avoid these problems - remedies and better practices that Silhouette Beauty specializes in.

We are also just as fastidious about skin care..but that is another blog post.

Below are some examples of what can happen when proper lash technique is not followed. These are client who came to us for help after receiving lashes from someone not properly trained. Your lashes should NEVER look like this.

These pictures show the damage done to the clients lashes and the progress to return them to a healthy state.

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