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Autumn Lash Shed

#What is going on?! What’s is Autumn Lash Shed? Why are my lashes extensions not lasting as long as normal?

We have some answers!

What is the autumn 🍂 lash shed, and why does it happen?

Nature has a way of regulating our hair cycles. Have you ever looked in the shower drain and wondered how on earth you could be losing so much hair? While occasionally this could be a sign of stress or health issues, twice a year, Autumn and Spring, our body goes through a period of change to prepare for the new season. This is due to a mix of weather changes that take place and can affect our internal body responses.

At Silhouette Beauty we keep an eye out around this time of year for signs of the autumn shed. It’s easier to notice this on a client that we have had for several months because we are familiar with their natural lash cycle already. If their retention pattern is a little off at this time, we explain what’s happening. It is just the autumn lash shed and it’s completely normal. It can be frustrating for some clients but knowing it’s just your body doing its thing helps ease the mind.

You might be wondering how long is this going to last?

It really depends on the person, the climate, and the area you live in! For example, someone in California might not experience this at all because the temperature there is fairly constant. On the other hand, someone in Utah may experience this for a few more weeks than most because of the drastic season changes. In Arizona we have tricky fall weather so it’s hard to pinpoint when or for how long the shed happens. On average, though, I would say no more than a few weeks.

Can I prevent the lash shed?

There’s not much you can do to prevent it completely, but you can help the cause by utilizing AFTERCARE!! It is so incredibly important to CLEANSE during this phase because of the rise in allergies, oil production, and other changes that can cause buildup in their lashes. However with that said, a daily lash cleanse is a MUST year round for best retention. Another great tool would be using a lash serum daily. It can help hold your natural lashes in a bit longer helping decrease the appearance of the shed.

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